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African Diaspora News Channel
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Comment from : African Diaspora News Channel

Lol drake is so full of shit i work here, he couldn’t gamble because he didn’t have proof of funds, does matter who you are its provincial Law. There was nothing to do with race.
Comment from : Pepper462

Rory Monkey
Don't use this as an excuse to bash biracial people guys, don't forget a lot of people in the civil rights movement were biracial and a lot of you aren't 100% black
Comment from : Rory Monkey

Marcos Vazquez
I remember a bar in my area was the same way! The never wanted 2 tell me n my gurl y we r being banned so we perceive it as racial profiling!
Comment from : Marcos Vazquez

Tafari TV
“Light skin but I’m still a dark ni*gga”
Comment from : Tafari TV

Tom Jones
He should wear his Bini.
Comment from : Tom Jones

Leigh Parker
decent job. :D
Comment from : Leigh Parker

kyle robinson
I say Canada has Darwinian racism.
Comment from : kyle robinson

Nancy Deis
Maybe they don't like how he turned his back on where he came from
Comment from : Nancy Deis

Damian Jones
I wish somebody would call me the N word I'll bust them in the mouth I'm serious.
Comment from : Damian Jones

Damian Jones
SMH Dumb
Comment from : Damian Jones

V. Fields
Ha ha, good for his ass! I say that because in case you all forgot, he had put on the " black face" making fun of black ppl, even though he is black, drake did not grow up as black, his mom raised him as a Jewish child. He has pictures of him celebrating vamishva, lil jew hat on em and all. This rap game for him gets him over, he doesn't knw nothn bout his black side, all he knows is his father is black..white folks will remind you, u are black!
Comment from : V. Fields

Chase da dolla 247
America wasn’t races until Europeans came here
Comment from : Chase da dolla 247

I’ve had my own dealings with Canada too. I’ll never go to Canada again. They were treating me that way right in front of a sign that said stop racism. How’s that for ironic. Winnepeg Canada never has to worry about seeing me again.
Comment from : knightwing4

Kexia Gundam
Is this the same mixed race Drake that dressed up in Black face? [side eye]
Comment from : Kexia Gundam

So you said you want to Blank her Blank
They would have let him in if he went there with his mother as an ID...
Comment from : So you said you want to Blank her Blank

So you said you want to Blank her Blank
Aubrey isn't black, Lion and a bird can't get together to make a lion....
Comment from : So you said you want to Blank her Blank

Ok u know how this go...dont not got their and i hope it burn down...thats the rule ..

Sylvia Green
NOT DRakkkkkkkke? The Mofo that look he missing a Chromasome!!!!!
Comment from : Sylvia Green

John Fifer
Got that wake up call huh?
Comment from : John Fifer

Mr. Powerhouse
One country two set of laws..White supremacy over Jesus Christ himself. . I've seen it.. Very very disheartening. .
Comment from : Mr. Powerhouse

William de Murney
Pusha t somewhere laughing at his black face 😂. Wake up Drake!
Comment from : William de Murney

Shining Down
Mixed people lie aren’t black. Yes they get discriminated against but usually not to the extent black people do.
Comment from : Shining Down

It's Drake so I'll let it ride
Comment from : Drega001

Dee baker
All so-called bi-racial people need that kind of reality check to remind them of who they really are so it won’t be any misunderstanding about their blackness! Because some get tricked into believing otherwise!
Comment from : Dee baker

4:16-4:20 LMAO!!!!!
Comment from : Bloombaby99

Mr rogers
Half black N........!!
Comment from : Mr rogers

Curly Bird
Drake.....black?.....I didn't know.....
Comment from : Curly Bird

Modest One
Why the hell would they racially profiled drake almost white passing ass
Comment from : Modest One

Fuck Eminem
Negro wake up call for drake.. Wasn't he out here dressing up as minstrels, and black face?
Comment from : Fuck Eminem

Lion Win2888
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Comment from : Lion Win2888

Coco Chanel
Wake-up call Bisssh.. He's only Black when it's convenient for him.. I don't like him, I don't buy his music, He ain't shit..
Comment from : Coco Chanel

Sol i
let’s not confuse primitive with barbarism. Primitive means old or original. Racism is barbaric
Comment from : Sol i

Yahqara Ban Yahawadah
But wait tho ...Drake once claimed he's Jewish from his momma side.
Now he black?😵

Comment from : Yahqara Ban Yahawadah

Sontrell Robinson
Do anyone remember when Drakes did black face?
Comment from : Sontrell Robinson

Cardigan Flynn
Oh Drake's black now???
Comment from : Cardigan Flynn

M. F
Drake is a sucka and never says nothing when things happen to black people he is very quiet and he does black face himself f drake
Comment from : M. F

I thought Drake wouldve been able to get away with a lot of things because of skin complexion. But I guess not he’s black at the end of the day.
Comment from : jiggzda1

Kastlemerock Talk
U described Canadian racism to the letter!
Comment from : Kastlemerock Talk

F.A. H.
EXACTLY, hidden racism is the worst, at least with Trump and his people I know what I'm dealing with.
Comment from : F.A. H.

Lets not forget he’s mixed! Like u say one drop of black blood UR BLACK !
Comment from : Lala SINATRA

Wayne Polk
Wink, wink, it is not as easy to see, but it's here!
Comment from : Wayne Polk

He should rap about what happened to him.
Comment from : M W

Rebellious future
To all my half black people ......Jay Z said you still a 😀 so just be proud of yo Blackness
Comment from : Rebellious future

Glenn The Sad Mariners Fan
since when does a casino refuse someone because they are black. you really believe that happened? go to vegas and see if all the customers are white.. come on.
Comment from : Glenn The Sad Mariners Fan

Billy Brown
Im scared 4 my life yall please help
Comment from : Billy Brown

Drake, you are the most disgusting person ever. Drake hates muslims and arabs so i dont think that he could make a statement on this one
Comment from : dutch

Richard Marchant
I'm a black Canadian from Jamaica been in Canada 56 years Canadian Soldier Canadian Soldier for 14 yrs. I prefer the Strait up racism but one of the reasons we have underhanded racism in Canada is the straight up stuff is just not tolerated and never has been racism doesn't go over very well here never has don't have the institution of historical slavery, every country has a flavor ours is polite and get along which till now has its advantage the chances of somebody walking up behind me and blowing my brains out because I'm black is basically non-existent unlike what you had happened in Kentucky and happens on a weekly basis somewhere in the US, it's still a battle, an we don't have open Free Speech we have something called hate speech laws you can get your ass thrown in jail for Trump has actually emboldened racist in Canada I don't agree with your religious content but for the most part I like the rest of your show it's informative, all the best good luck
Comment from : Richard Marchant

michael preston
Aw, here it is, welcome to the real world Drake.
Comment from : michael preston

Phillip Carr
Jay Z said it best on 444, Rich N, Poor N, House N, Field N, Still a N.
Comment from : Phillip Carr

Empress Niques
Oh so he's black now. SMH!
Comment from : Empress Niques

Tee Gee
I’m kinda not feeling him like that because he poked fun at black people with that black face skit. So he’s rich and I’m sure he can hold his own testicles on this one.
Comment from : Tee Gee

The Captain
Believe me, 80% of Canadians families will welcome any race into their homes! They don’t have hatred in their hearts.
Comment from : The Captain

Tim Mills
I don't know how you don't allow drake to come into ur casino TF, He can basically spike ur sales.
Comment from : Tim Mills

Drake is black? News to me doesn't look it!😂 Canadian racism is Seattle (liberal) racism and I know cause I live here and hate it
Comment from : evol111

1:44 just like the Democrat Party
Comment from : FoxtrotSierraAlfa

That's why I prefer White Men racism to White Women racism... WM are usually direct, WW try to be Paula Deen.
Comment from : RtistiqSkubie

Ranger Walker
At least 🇺🇸 is up in your face with the racism. I’ve always had a feeling 🇨🇦 have racism and white supremacist ideology going back to the story when a white woman cried out wanting her son to be admitted by a white 👨‍⚕️. And this biracial thing is ridiculous and a weapon the oppressors and colonizers used on us(aboriginals) to claim multiple identities, they did it during chattel slavery.
Comment from : Ranger Walker

Phil did you hear about the story of the two sisters who got the cops call on them. Now the white woman got charges out on her.
Comment from : bigcems82

Justen Bray
Gamble for what You rich
Comment from : Justen Bray

Drake wore black face, who cares.
Comment from : usman

Big Blak
Didn't Drake do black face!!!!????
Comment from : Big Blak

Leroy Lattimore 3
Being black is something that you can't turn off when it's convenient for you I sleep, see ,hear ,smell and ,live this s*** he made of realist Point ever to say that racism is worldwide when we kill the s*** as a whole which I would love to see in my lifetime that it'll come to an end but regardless if you famous or not it happens to you it's f*** up it happened but I don't have too much sympathy for you Aubrey💯
Comment from : Leroy Lattimore 3

Australia in our army black men an women serve in our army navy air force they take orders off who ever is in command black white i was watching an old war movie in the south where they said that a black man could not fly a plane to much to deal with like white people are smarter than a negro man or women what bull crap the tusskegee flying school had a better safety than white pilots had they got more war medals then white folk did i dont know why they call the usa united states it will never be a united country till every person is treated as an equal person no matter the skin colour we all bleed red . Treat all folk with Respect.cheers bro .
Comment from : goldwingman1500

Paul Sharp
Comment from : Paul Sharp

Shani Black
Exactly 🙌🏼 I mean identify as Black and always have however, there’s no denying the fact that I am biracial with a black father and white mother. Good video 👍🏼
Comment from : Shani Black


bobby ben
Drake don't know they don't give a dang ### your mom or dad is white. The evil hate your melanin
Comment from : bobby ben

Just so you know, Drake is Canadian...that said...here in Canada, the subtlety in racism is massive and especially towards black men.
Black women are systematically given opportunities (and we already know why) but it's always a struggle for the men...no matter how qualified he is...men in every other ethnic group scan get ahead but the black men...I speak from experience...very sad

Comment from : dwthomas38

carolina pantherz
That's crazy. Drake can buy the dam casino. Dude worth like 50 million and counting. Krazy!
Comment from : carolina pantherz

Joseph Briggs
A lot of racism down here in Canada too.
Comment from : Joseph Briggs

Cee Cee
How Is Someone Who Has White Mother & Black Father Considered Full Black? We Have The Term Bi-Racial For A Reason.
Comment from : Cee Cee

Deandrey Ansah
Drake speaking against racism very surprising if you tell me lol 😁
Comment from : Deandrey Ansah

Jonathan Gonzales
Phil i been thinking this for the whole time before you've mentioned it, how stupid it is to hate someone because their skin color is different from theirs, I mean it's just skin color!!! It doesn't make me less human of different from a white person, at the end of the day we're all human!
Comment from : Jonathan Gonzales

kind caring
Thats right tell me to my face
Comment from : kind caring

The Truth
Maybe because they are Pusha T fans.
Comment from : The Truth

Drake is not black.
Comment from : TIMOTHY LAWSON

Victor Mace
Phil, Drake NEVER denied being Black.
White Amerikkka considers Drake Black.

What is disgusting is the amount of Black AMERICANS that DON'T consider him Black because he's biracial.

I NEVER realized just how F%CKED UP the majority of Black Americans are when it comes to biracials.
It is YOU who don't consider them Black (not particularly YOU but Black AMERICANS in gemeral.)

As for Drake getting his wake up call, he got his wake up call when he started touring in The States to see how America is so bigoted.

Also, as for you stating that you much prefer overt to covert racism that is endemic in Canada, you better clarify yourself.
Canada doesn't have a history of lynching Blacks, feeding Black babies to alligators, WS cops infiltrating your police force.

When it comes to THAT kind of overt racism that is problematic in The States, I will stick with the racism in Canada where I will live to tell about it and fight another day.

Comment from : Victor Mace

The tragic mulatoes who sit on that fence and try to be both races at the same time. But what about that black face you did Drake?
Comment from : potechi

Edward Highland
well he disrespected black folks by doing that black face bullshit move
Comment from : Edward Highland

Timmy Jr
Drake just want everyone to feel sorry for his ass but he didn't give a damn about the issues that's going on today... f*** him and his feelings
Comment from : Timmy Jr

Conundrum Quill
“BlackFace” Drake Crying Racism... Wow!! 🤨
Comment from : Conundrum Quill

Bitcoin Master
Canada racism and Brazil racism is the worst.
Comment from : Bitcoin Master

bryan sullivan
you are the seed of your father idiiots
Comment from : bryan sullivan

Monique Pought
Too bad all white people are taught to hate black people
Comment from : Monique Pought

Grim Reaper
The one time Drake claims Blackness and it's not from doing something righteous like supporting Black Lives Matter, but because he felt discriminated against for gambling.
Comment from : Grim Reaper

velli'e e
Exactly...the green is never greener on the other side... Just a different shade and hue..
Comment from : velli'e e

Let's not put Drake in the same category of half black people who don't claim to be black until they are discriminated against. I never heard him say anything to support that if that's what you are implying Phil. Great vid as usual.
Comment from : DaOldhead

These Bigots never stop with their discrimination. These Canadians with their polite racism with a smile. This company needs a polite lawsuit & boycott with a smile.
Comment from : Jon Rock GOOD PEOPLE DO SOMETHING

cewanee washington
Is he black?
Comment from : cewanee washington

Bernadette Chun
It is its everywhere
Comment from : Bernadette Chun

H Lee jr
What part of him that was discriminated against?
Comment from : H Lee jr

Urban Wire Media Network
White supremacy is a global pathology so what makes him think he is exempt. I dont feel sorry for him honestly. He has shitted on Black society
Comment from : Urban Wire Media Network

Daria werbowy
His Jewish mama can't even help him with that..
Comment from : Daria werbowy

It wasn't racial, it was financial profiling. They didn't want Drake to break their bank. He would've cleaned them out.
Comment from : twes619

Hope he sues

Wtf drake isn't even that black imagine if he was dark skin
Comment from : tariqo16

We're hated all over the globe dam thts crazy
Comment from : BLACK LION

Agent of Destruction
in europe there's tons of covert racism too but negros are asleep over there, they all need a drake wakeup call
Comment from : Agent of Destruction

Funny have a Bag still no respect. Hate me for me ! Not my color.
Comment from : cdinero22

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