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C Gray
Thanks for the review just bought myself a set and really enjoying them
Comment from : C Gray

The Real Taeki
Are those stickers for the pictures?
Comment from : The Real Taeki

Ser P
Just ordered these, i believe they changed them since the video. mine do not have any flaws, they are flat and i don't get any spin on them. you should do a update. these are probably one of the best looking chips I've seen in a while
Comment from : Ser P

OMG A SKULL!!!! slaps kid
Comment from : SuperTomwaits

Just ordered this set as a birthday gift from my wife. First real set and pretty excited.
Comment from : Eduardo

Bailey Reimer
Could you do a Rock and Roll Casino chip review
Comment from : Bailey Reimer

Thanks John.
I respect that some like chips with some character
For me personally, the most essential when evaluating a certain poker chip is in descending order..

1. Feel
2. Texture
3. Quality control
4. Design
5. Colours
6. Weight
7. Sound
8. Mold
9. Durability
10. Price
11. Inlay
12. If they have edge spots
That's why I like Paulson Classic- my favourite poker chip 😍

Comment from : Benne175

frank hernandez
Zombie chips !!!! Yikes !
Comment from : frank hernandez

frank hernandez
Ugly chip. Numbers HARD to read. Colors cheap looking. Yeah I know they're not expensive but still.
Comment from : frank hernandez

William White
That is one ugly chip set, imo. From the labels to the edge-marks to the color combinations on the chips. Yikes.
Comment from : William White

The fact they are ABS makes the price reasonable, still, these might make an interesting relabel project if one had problems with the labels.
Comment from : nylac100

The peacemaker in the mold makes it even cooler
Comment from : nylac100

Nick Nicholas
Good price
Comment from : Nick Nicholas

Nick Nicholas
Comment from : Nick Nicholas

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