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YGL Bull
This man got a lot of money and still has a flip phone 😂😂
Comment from : YGL Bull

Damir Zemo
Fuck Dana who can trust a so called man with a female name
Comment from : Damir Zemo

youre daily sensation
Lol he sild ufc for 4billion hes living life now
Comment from : youre daily sensation

Christian Ramirez
Lmao now that’s notorious!!
Comment from : Christian Ramirez

Anthony DeFabees
Casinos are the most evil, scumbag pieces of shit around.
Comment from : Anthony DeFabees

Dallas Sylvestre
Comment from : Dallas Sylvestre

For Kids By Kids
I worked at a bank and didnr see that much money
Comment from : For Kids By Kids

He’s a good card counter they banned him from that casino because they were done with it
Comment from : Happyvidsgaming

Jacob Mullins
U can play and you loss everything u have but as soon. U get the best of them they kick u out and u can't come back . Sound like a one sided game .
Comment from : Jacob Mullins

Htown Curry
How can you be good at blackjack it’s based on luck
Comment from : Htown Curry

Tristen Lambright
And he still has a flip phone
Comment from : Tristen Lambright

David Rivas
Are they related
Comment from : David Rivas

Dana to the editor: Cut the part where i say how much im up


Comment from : watthehelizawingclip

Zain Don
technically its not gambling if you win all the time.
Comment from : Zain Don

Sean Jones
His net worth is like half a billion...So him winning 7 mill is like someone else with 500k winning 7k in a night. His bankroll is so large and his hands are so big that he probably plays table maximums, only a few large hands and defys the typical card game statistics. Either way, I would love to be on his level.
Comment from : Sean Jones

E.T GropeHome
How do you know he doesn’t lose 20 million to make 1?
Comment from : E.T GropeHome

Travis Flick
He was counting
Comment from : Travis Flick

How is this legal?
Comment from : Seer-of-things

Requis Longdong
Omg man tips so much money
Comment from : Requis Longdong

Craig Anthony
Hes so happy they banned him. He loves it lmao. Baller status. He don't gaf
Comment from : Craig Anthony

I found my future job Ill be a cashier on casinos
Comment from : Inoue

Reda Elhana
These people are totally going to hell 🔥🔥
Comment from : Reda Elhana

Something is fishy !
Comment from : Squelch

What did he play? Im assuming Black Jack!?
Comment from : BadSmoker95

Steve Anderson
I am guessing here but I bet he was cheating.
Comment from : Steve Anderson

JeNeSaisQuoi Jones
Player wins a million: "You're done bro."

Casino wins a million: "Here's a complimentary suite on us and a steak dinner. Stay as long as you'd like!"

Comment from : JeNeSaisQuoi Jones

Der Zocker
He wins millions, but his fighters are still underpaid.
Comment from : Der Zocker

Biscottone 33
This is real?
Comment from : Biscottone 33

Notice how the female cashiers @ 0:48 use this “Thank youuuuu” tone when the see that much cash, as if to persuade someone to tip them. Typical money hungry females, SMDH
Comment from : Instrumedley

They don’t mind you losing.but winning is a sin in they eyes.
Comment from : joseph

Duke Mickey Sr.
I ALWAYS knew that
Mr. White
From the first time I became AWARE of him...
He has what IT is
I, me, Duke Mickey
Has on the insidey parts..

Comment from : Duke Mickey Sr.

Dylan McHarg
So the palms had a contract with the ufc and the greedy as casino owner kicked Dana out for being good at black jack? Guarantee the palms took a greater loss than Dana did. I would have moved venues too
Comment from : Dylan McHarg

Rates %
Dana white is actually cool asf
Comment from : Rates %

Bethany The panda GIRL
Fact is he thinks 1 million is winning “ millions”
Comment from : Bethany The panda GIRL

Szitex 313
this dude is a billionaire and he has a flip phone
Comment from : Szitex 313

Because that's how you beat the house, you bet big. I took _ for over ____ in an hour and they drugged me with a needle. They'll get an "employee" to go right up to you and stick the back of your arm at the table, beware.
Comment from : YETI

Erick Vazquez
I cant win a fucken scratch h off ticket and this dude is pulling in Millions haha
Comment from : Erick Vazquez

Colt Baby Love
Goddamn Dana's ballin out of control lmao What a G
Comment from : Colt Baby Love

wins millions of dollars

Still uses a flip phone

Comment from : ...

Karan ranga
Comment from : Karan ranga

Drew Taks
People commenting on his Flip Phone. He probally has sevetal Flup Phones he usrs as burner/ throw away phones at all times. When you are the President of a combat sport that people gamble millions on you would carry burner phones to and lock your real phone in a metal box.
Comment from : Drew Taks

Sorin M
Counting cards huh?
Comment from : Sorin M

J.R. Gibbs
Tips the cashier $500 everytime he comes? The lady made 2k strictly off Dana.
Comment from : J.R. Gibbs

Red pilling
Online betting sites do the same
Should be illegal

Comment from : Red pilling

Casino: You’re Banned
Dana White: No U

Comment from : 123asd

Alejandro Gonzalez
Rich get richer smh
Comment from : Alejandro Gonzalez

He must be able to count cards. Its not illegal just frowned upon but very difficult to do. You've all seen that movie 21 with Kevin spacey true story
Comment from : Smiggerk

Gary spudger Brinklow
Gambling is for idiots.
Comment from : Gary spudger Brinklow

Las Vegas should make a law that they can't ban someone with a legitimate reason.
Comment from : Andres

Simon William
you can gamble away your life but if you start winning the casino can just ban you simply absurd
Comment from : Simon William

Panta Rei 83
Yeah he deserves some luck.. uses fighters like they where disposable diapers and makes billions.. yeah so happy for you Dana.. FUCK me!!! BUT casinos are also asshole places
Comment from : Panta Rei 83

Jr Eustacio
1 million. -.-
Comment from : Jr Eustacio

whitey 1
He must be counting cards nobody gets that lucky for that long!!
Comment from : whitey 1

Dude just throwing hundred dollar bills at ungrateful women in the cash window??? Tell this dude to give me a job lmao
Comment from : ライト

Love the way Joe says "a bunch of" 😍😂
Comment from : PennyGeist

Free For All
Tip 500 like a boss
Comment from : Free For All

Jared Adam
When the rich steal from the rich


Comment from : Jared Adam

Maybe he can start paying fighters better now.
Comment from : ken0269

Dom Ferraro
You're not allowed to tip a teller anymore in Vegas!
Comment from : Dom Ferraro

Scotian Coast
He should go with a friend and get them to play while he tells them what to do or something like that.
Comment from : Scotian Coast

Ничего Себе
Gambling.. where the poor stays poor and the rich get richer
Comment from : Ничего Себе

alex Sircus
I don’t get why the casinos ban him... that’s a load of bullshit. That’s a bitch move they don’t give af if some college kid goes in there and loses his life savings but when Dana spanks their ass they go running like little bitches
Comment from : alex Sircus

So its ok from the casino to take everyone's money but not ok to take from the casino. Screw them.
Comment from : fmxmyway

Ryan Daniel
Respect....Because he tipped the cage workers and didn't have to.
Comment from : Ryan Daniel

Wins million
“It’s like my part time job”

Comment from : MOChamp

Greg Sealey
Can they do that
Comment from : Greg Sealey

Mikeyyy YT
My man is still using a flip phone 1:30
Comment from : Mikeyyy YT

rikuyoreketsu XIII
casino actually poor
Comment from : rikuyoreketsu XIII

Gavin Miller
So he counts cards then!?
Comment from : Gavin Miller

Cary Rohan
The lesson is.....Casino Loves Losers.
Comment from : Cary Rohan

Yer Dunn BUD
That cashier made more bonuses from Dana than Cormier has
Comment from : Yer Dunn BUD

So no ones gonna mention how they look alike
Comment from : LIL HONEYBUN

Sasa Janjusic
If you win you are banned. If they win it's ok. Fuck casinos.
Comment from : Sasa Janjusic

I bet not many fighters in the UFC have his kind of money to waste
Comment from : sicpac66

Big Sid Real Prison Talk
Oh please I don’t believe this for one minute Joe Rogan is a short little insecure dude and that Canadian that runs the UFC is a turd
Comment from : Big Sid Real Prison Talk

Patrick Archibald
Gamblers always tell you how much they win. They never tell you how much they lose.
Comment from : Patrick Archibald

Sandra Flowers
1:36 he got a flip phone
Comment from : Sandra Flowers

IYIZ Jewels Isley
yes im am one of the best crap player in the world love it
Comment from : IYIZ Jewels Isley

Beach Samurai
Dana white has millions to use like you have dimes and pennies to lose 😂🤣
Comment from : Beach Samurai

Michael Atkin
So Dana is doing what every casinos done to a gambler so the casino doesn't want Dana White their. that's irony at its finest
Comment from : Michael Atkin

Lb Boti
People understand please that Casinos are build for you to lose money and if you win you are banned ! So in a normal country with normal people there will not be any casino !!! I leave the rest to you guys to figure out !
Comment from : Lb Boti

Pegasus 898
That’s too funny lol gotta throw in some
Fake losses can’t keep running wins . Needs a disguise lol

Comment from : Pegasus 898

I want him to play gta v blackjack to show how much it’s rigged
Comment from : LOUIS V WANG

Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Casinos are like Bunch of thieves open for business. you can loose billions they would not ban but if you win a million they may even kill you or make you disappear. Gambling destroy society! according to all the studies and all the religions! its a satanic thing.
Comment from : Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

Casino don't make money if you're winnin'.
Comment from : Gallowglass

James Lawlor
Only like you if you lose. Ironic people know that and still participate
Comment from : James Lawlor

Yo that’s cool and all but, I don’t remember asking
Comment from : Alpha_L3gendツ

2Stroke Tyson
My uncle been thrown out of every Casino in Atlantic City

He's never won anything tho

Comment from : 2Stroke Tyson

Rybo Stain
I call bullshit!!!! Dana will have lost as much of not more than he won! Like every gambler ever you only hear when they winning
Comment from : Rybo Stain

He rich but have a flip phone lmao
Comment from : TheReIaxingEnd

Jan Dvořák
How much you lost
Comment from : Jan Dvořák

Thang Ngo
Casino scammed people all the tiêm. That is why they stay in business lol
Comment from : Thang Ngo

Jeffrey Salvador
That cashier got tipped 1k in 2 days lol
Comment from : Jeffrey Salvador

D.d.d Damn Dana Dominating
Comment from : redfirekla

Drybe 000
Only og know why he got a flip phone
Comment from : Drybe 000

blah blah
Boohoo. Pathetic loser deserved it.
Comment from : blah blah

Dave Francis
Absolute rubbish. Must be playing at backyard casinos. You don’t get banned for winning millions, you get banned for counting cards.
Comment from : Dave Francis

Eduardo Rojas
Wins millions and still uses flip phone
Comment from : Eduardo Rojas

Sav Loner
Ayo Dana you a real one for This
Comment from : Sav Loner

Milk Tea
I thought dana white start making a podcast and talk about how he's getting kicked from a casino
Comment from : Milk Tea

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