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Colin Sushiboy
Read online parq casino has some financial problems and might not be around very long. They shouldn't be turning away customers.
Comment from : Colin Sushiboy

The guy is a moron.
Comment from : spoodles50

Richard Rich
D needs to grow and realize that being famous doesn't last forever and eventually it will go away ...Look at MJ who went from being a King of Pop to a King of Poop and that's been 10 years after his death. I have been numerous times at Parq Casino and ppl who work there ( nice ppl of many different races ) don't judge nor profile anybody -a customer is a customer and the service is equal . So if little D tries to score in here he is gonna lose for sure...and btw the whole Parq casino corp. got much ..........much more money than him....
Comment from : Richard Rich

I don't think this was a racial issue, drakes whiter than I am and im European.. I think the casino manager just straight up hates his music as much as I do. cant stand this guy and im from Toronto. shitty rapper and singer in my opinion. ban his wack ass music is what they need to do
Comment from : kemp

Miley Dallas
They must’ve deleted all the negative comments. I don’t see them
Comment from : Miley Dallas

You need to get it right he was denied service because of BC casinos money laundering laws NOT because of the color of his skin. He was such a looser that he kept going back to the cash cage to get more money out and went over the limit so he was cut off. I hate the Parq and have been caught up in the money laundering crap with them before trying to cash in $30,000 in chips. He is just playing the race card because he was dumb.
Comment from : Oldandwize

Aubryanna Pichon
They don’t know that drake runs the 6. They need to learn
Comment from : Aubryanna Pichon

There’s more to this story.
Comment from : 09mjeternity

Ryan Roberts
Its called title 31 the bank secrecy act to fight tax evasion and money laundering,you have to fill out a 112 form(suspicious transaction form) for any transaction over 10,000 even if you go to the cage and cash in 4,000 in chips 3 times in one day u have to fill out this form,they watch everybody and if you are with lots of people and ur handing out money.everybody is called an agent and everybody has. To fill out the form together,they watch out for structuring and minimal gaming techniques,if the employees have any doubt at all u get cut off because the penalties are insanely high..they don't know if drake is the promoter and is trying to launder the money to evade taxes..But of course the person who made this video mentioned none of this.knowledge is a powerful thing learn about it or don't talk nobody cares what a person with no knowledge thinks
Comment from : Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts
I won 25,000 in that same casino and they gave me a hard time getting chips even though I won the money from there lol so shut the fuck up dumb heads
Comment from : Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts
Rules are rules,the casino employees aren't going to break them for anybody
Comment from : Ryan Roberts

amy huang
OH MY GOD! It’s a casino policy! He could not gamble over 10 000 dollars without a receipt. THAT’S THE POLICY FOR EVERYONE!! It don’t matter if he’s drake, or Beyoncé! It’s the policy. He didn’t have a receipt and he was denied service because of that!
Comment from : amy huang

Here's a possible reason why he was denied service: To crack down on money laundering, new policies were placed on Canadian casinos concerning bets of $10K or more by the same person in one day. They may not have been able to take Drake's money if he couldn't properly account for it -- especially with his track record of gang connections.
Comment from : yoadrie

Tony S
Fuck Blackface Drake! Waaaa crying like the bitch he is cause people won't bow down & kiss his FAKE bitch made pop puppet ass.
Comment from : Tony S

LOL parqvancouver deleted their Instagram
Comment from : BLOCKHEADSTV

What a load of PR BS from Drake. As if. Casino's don't give a flying fuck what color you are. But if you walk in like some puffed up ignorant goof with a suit case of $20,000 and a "I want to play Don't you know who I am" mentality? yeah sorry you ain't going anywhere. There are gaming rules. And all you people who think he was "Wronged" take a moment to look further into the story.
Comment from : roquefortfiles

sir georgio alastrata
He should have went to the River Rock instead :)
Comment from : sir georgio alastrata

Sir Brucie
He is gonna rap about this in a song, just you wait...
Comment from : Sir Brucie

Sara Israel
LOL they just let him know that no matter how much money you have you still a N word and the sooner our people wake the hell up the better. You all who are married to these devils and think they love you are in for a rude awakening
Comment from : Sara Israel

Bin Dardundat
Oh ya , this casino must be really concerned that they have lost drake fans, are going to boycott them . Lol
Comment from : Bin Dardundat

Eric Williams
Comment from : Eric Williams

"even if u in a benz...you still a nigga...in a coupe" - the first Kanye
Comment from : Dontsaveher

That lets you know how stupid of fans are defending a dude that doesn't even care about you personally and also disrespected the black community wearing blackface paint People need to really stop jumping to the aid of these celebrities who do not support you at the time of your needs
Comment from : JAY WAYY TOO FRESH

Maureen Elam
I thought when your light skinned you get a pass lol
Comment from : Maureen Elam

gary funderburk
When you think you on top of the world 🌎 and you think money and fame will get you in anywhere. Then. . . you got your. "Nigga Wake Up Moment!" Lmao👊😂 Glad it happened! Just so you know what the ppl you smile and laugh in the face of think of you.
Comment from : gary funderburk

indian army
Really not the casino’s fault...probably thought he was east indian.
Comment from : indian army

Giorgio Giacomini
BC has extremely strict laws for gambling , because of all the money laundering the government recently made it where you must provide a proof of withdrawal if you want to cash over 10k. Tbh they should have let it slide because he's drake but in the end they are just following the laws.
Comment from : Giorgio Giacomini

God bless Parq!
Comment from : madspunch

when he live next to the stadium but still late...
Comment from : ulysses886

Moegee123 Nunny
I guest it was GOD PLANS....LOL...

Comment from : Moegee123 Nunny

Moegee123 Nunny
Comment from : Moegee123 Nunny

Danger Mauz
I believe they did that because of Drake wearing black face in the '00s! He insulted Hip Hop purists by saying, there's rules to battle rap when there is none! And also not responding to Pusha T with a phantom diss track! Lol!
Comment from : Danger Mauz

Overrated douche singer doesn't get his way waahhh. Drake through a tantrum when no at the casino knew who he was.
Comment from : Vader

Donna Cabot
Not a fan of Drakes but that's utter bullshit. Wont be going back to Parqs ever again. What's just as bad is apologizing after the fact. Dicks.
Comment from : Donna Cabot

Golden Surfer
You guys are HILARIOUS
Comment from : Golden Surfer

Ashley Stewart
DRAKE needs to wake up!!! HE IS BLACK and they (the heathens) DO NOT LIKE US OR WANT US!! They don't care that he is an entertainer. And it is obvious that they did not care about his financial status. HE IS BLACK!! He is not exempt from racial profiling, racism, ethnic hatred nothing. He is in the bunch when it comes down to it. I am glad of one thing, hopefully this will make him wake up and HUMBLE himself and realize he is only an "imaginary" figure in the land of the elite!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!
Comment from : Ashley Stewart

mesi mesi
They didn't let his Jewish heritage in?!

The fans gamble now? Are they from Vancouver? It's ok the Chinese people will support them.

Comment from : mesi mesi

Drake’s job is to instigate, he’s a Jew.
Comment from : SpinksJinx

U doing to much my Nigga
Well that casino is being black listed
Comment from : U doing to much my Nigga

Talonda Ecckles
They heard his song
"Im light skin but im still a dark ni..."

Comment from : Talonda Ecckles

Clifford Driver
I don't blame them, they don't want to be bothered with his dumb shit, the traveling circus, it's not pretty to everyone, and color has nothing to do with it, culture does.
Comment from : Clifford Driver

shawn taylor
And it was at that moment they knew they had facked up. Its amazing how something like this could cast a dark shadow on a whole city or like i see some post on twitter be reflective. Because a Casino automatically falls under Tourist Attraction at least that's how Politicians spins it before they approve it . You have to know that the Mayor and the other local Politicians are not impress with this parq Casino. This is not and never the publicity you want for your City getting spread around the Globe.
Comment from : shawn taylor

stuckinthemiddle withu
Their lost,
Comment from : stuckinthemiddle withu

Stephanie D
Comment from : Stephanie D

Stephanie D
They don't care he's a millionaire rapper
Comment from : Stephanie D

Rashaun Jones
Comment from : Rashaun Jones

Peter Piper
Believe it or not. Drake bleached his skin color. Look at the video with him emenim kanye and lil Wayne. He look like a white boy. Now he have a brownish tone. Wtf
Comment from : Peter Piper

Denise Mitchell
gday luv
no matter who you are
Brown folks get the ninja
wake up call
just ask Okra

Comment from : Denise Mitchell

Ray Smith
"You're 50,000 on our table disrespect!"
Comment from : Ray Smith

The Real King Rap Collection
Man fuck Drake. How could it be over skin color? That mufukka hardly colored as it is. They probably just think the mufukkas Whack and the dont want that fuckboi in they casino, no doubt.
Comment from : The Real King Rap Collection

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