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Aaron Glenn-Scott
Deontay is starting to get more respect.... Still not the respect that he deserves... But as for his style at this point he can get better as far as being a better boxer... But he is jus coming in nd going for the knockout everytime even when a guy is a better boxer he still knocks them out i cant wait until it clicks nd he starts to box omg the most dangerous man earth he will be.. He has heart he consistently fights at like 215 224 on a really good day these guys he fights are 250 260 better boxers nd he still sending dem home im bodybags and still!!!! 💣 squad!!!!!!!
Comment from : Aaron Glenn-Scott

Dan Marco
michael jackson and momar ghadafi would have been proud 🤣😎till this day...;) Anyway..wilder is legit...and deserves all the respct and he's only gonna get better!! But iron mike is still the best and harder puncher there ever was and will ever be .just sayn
Comment from : Dan Marco

Richard T
Billie Joe Powers looks amazing
Comment from : Richard T

Ducker, guy's only bob and weave is outside the ring.
Comment from : bahumbug101

Jason R
Dude got better ..wow.. bro I think we ain't seen this man at his best yet ..I think dude growing in this sport .. we saw you being smart B...dam you looked sharp bro..
Comment from : Jason R

Ivette Sloan
Go head son! I like that “peripheral” 😍
Comment from : Ivette Sloan

Ivette Sloan
God Bless you Deontay! You are a True Champion!
Comment from : Ivette Sloan

Chrump Zabich
Tyson woulda took him out in 2
Comment from : Chrump Zabich

Mr. Mister
Why is this man dressed like a shimmery Captn Crunch ???

That KO was crazy though, he didn't even throw a wild haymaker...that was a straight right to the top of the head

Comment from : Mr. Mister

j dominian
Dee said there life is really on the line. Lol.
Comment from : j dominian

Jerom Jackson
Why didn't the Gypsy Ducker didn't get in the ring and promote his ass whooping
Comment from : Jerom Jackson

Forget the £350 trainers on his feet to go jogging with, forget the cardio heart monitor's, forget the weights, forget the pads and the bag and the swimming and the protein shakes and the saurners and steam rooms and the £16000 a night hotels, forget the entourage of 21 men, all with different personality, forget smashing tires with sledge hammers and throwing heavy balls around the gym.
The only thing AJ needs to do is sparing, sparing, sparing sparing.
It's not a skipping competition, it's a f@&king fight.
So practice Fighting !!

Comment from : memski11

Master J
Only a true champ can come out dressed like sacha barron cohen on the dictator and get away making up words, consistively, kudos brother i wanna be just like you when i grow up.
Comment from : Master J

Nathan Fritz
how hard you hit

Comment from : Nathan Fritz

mohamed ali bangura
He is the Michael Jackson in the boxing world
Comment from : mohamed ali bangura

Roshard Phipps
You get your respect when the division have mor than 3 fighters!!!!
Comment from : Roshard Phipps

Word of the day... "Consistivly".
Comment from : brainchigger666

Comment from : Maahes

wilson lawson
He's clearly the best heavyweight in the world. Nobody will beat him unless they get lucky.
Comment from : wilson lawson

Jhonta yuckfou
How can you not root for this guy
Comment from : Jhonta yuckfou

he looks like an African dictator
Comment from : thisguyrighthere3

mike Ion
Deontay Wilder and Floyd Mayweather genius boxers, appreciate being able to witness they greatness grace the ring.
Comment from : mike Ion

Giacomo Alessi
Big Dosser
Comment from : Giacomo Alessi

Karabo raleting
2019 and it's still expected to have women stand there and smile ... hmm.... 🤔
Comment from : Karabo raleting

Chef BLack Lips
Imagine Deontay dropping weight and taking over cruiserweight and Light heavyweight.
Comment from : Chef BLack Lips

Faisal Khan
You aint the hardest hitting boxer of all time, TILL This Day!
Comment from : Faisal Khan

shon evans
he said I hope Tyson fury carries a bat the next fight 🤣 I'm done.
Comment from : shon evans

Rob Geist
Deonte “St. Pepper” Wilder
Comment from : Rob Geist

Mat Frampton
I'm kinda new to Deontay but not to boxing. Started watching, studying. I'm impressed with this Tommy Hearns type fighter in size 10XXXXLL. Very impressed with this forum and how Mr. Wilder conducted himself.
Comment from : Mat Frampton

Doug Campbell
I gave this guy shit about his style, but he gave his opponent respect, he’s honest about who he is and how he handles business. He uses his greatest strength to his advantage, so, gotta show him the respect he deserves.
Comment from : Doug Campbell

One punch Wilder hes growing on me
Comment from : oncar1

The way he talks about his knockouts is hilarious. Love Deontay! haha
Comment from : bigtymerebfan

james miley
We love you champ!
Comment from : james miley

Mr. Nice Guy
Horrible boxer , can't wait until he gets his 1st lost .
Comment from : Mr. Nice Guy

Shogun Chris
wilder is confident in a humble way, i like it
Comment from : Shogun Chris

He's going to kill Ruiz 😭🤣😭☠
Comment from : STRATE PAPER

Pitty Pat Matt
How much did you pay Ortiz? That bs punch
Comment from : Pitty Pat Matt

Akeeno G
Wilder was in the Dressing room with Ric Flair Wooooooooooooooo!!!!
Comment from : Akeeno G

Dee Wavy718
This Guy is Dangerous B!!!

Comment from : Dee Wavy718

I like his confidence. More importantly he knows he needs to get better! That’s major. ✊🏿🖤
Comment from : Pariah

The Real King James
d r i p
Comment from : The Real King James

Mckever Lewis
Haters when are y'all going to be honest, when Wilder is standing on top of the hill like YU-LAW?!?!
Comment from : Mckever Lewis

Jacques Ingram
Im gald i saw it for free
Comment from : Jacques Ingram

macarthur martin
I respect this man power but get the fuck out of here, all the greats would've killed that man in the ring, with that horrible style, then he wants all the easy fights, Fury wasn't easy cause FURY really knows how to box move and switch stance but you wait 2 years when the man coming from his worse fight him but not at his prime and fights fat dudes, old men and dudes not even top 20 while everybody else is fighting real top contenders or other heavyweight champions but his style is going to get exposed soon
Comment from : macarthur martin

every fight wilder is proving he is one of the best ever no cap .but my boi can’t speak proper for shit 😂
Comment from : Mcv

Kev Johnson
And I said that before deontay said it lol...
Comment from : Kev Johnson

Kev Johnson
Ok, in the fury fight how many times do you see a boxer koed on his back with his eyes closed and get a count that ref took a reel chance with the most devastating puncher we have ever seen and fury got lucky he didn't really get hurt bad
Comment from : Kev Johnson

does carter
He just might be the deadliest Puncher ever!!
Comment from : does carter

I'd love to see tyson wilder both primed
Comment from : MegaFrostySnowman

Anthony Bly
Stick to boxing, not public speaking bahahahahahhahaha
Comment from : Anthony Bly

Anthony Bly
what I doesssssssssssss LMAO...........
Comment from : Anthony Bly

Hakes a Beta male
I heard his brother thinking of opening his own pet shop the amount of canaries he sees🥊👍
Comment from : Hakes a Beta male

Jimmie Edwards
To This DAAAYE !
Comment from : Jimmie Edwards

Paul Fearon
That’s big respect he has for ortiz in those last few lines. You don’t hear fighters admit shit like that. He actually said Ortiz he more skill than humans when ortiz retire he hopes that washes out on him. That’s big to me....
Comment from : Paul Fearon

Unbiased Unbothered
The fact that people are still vouching for Joshua even though he's proven to be very hittable against wilder is silly to me. I'd like to see ruiz because ortiz is a counter puncher. I'd like to see deontay deal with those crisp and sharp combinations where he's getting hit two or three times and not just once. Obviously we need to see fury again (I think fury won but agree the count was long lol). activate soulja boy voice But Joshua? Jooooosshua?!
Comment from : Unbiased Unbothered

Mark Grey
Comment from : Mark Grey

I clicked because I thought Wilder was Gadafi.
Comment from : HammerK99

Ron White
Nice to see Wilder channel his South American dictator when dressing.......or was it the curtains in his room?
Comment from : Ron White

ski caliph
Turn your subtitles on lol
Comment from : ski caliph

susan smith
Your not and can never be the greatest off all time, Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson
We’re and are legends, yeh yo u punch hard no doubt but these heavyweight of today you cannot compare them to the heavyweights of the 90s wat we have today are all f.... pussys not even 1 can match Tyson at his best and you also would get the fucked ok’d bro if you was in the 90s 👍

Comment from : susan smith

Kendall Yarbrough
Came out like Michael Jackson 😂
Comment from : Kendall Yarbrough

America's Champ! #championonhomesoil #bombzquad #wbcchampdeontaywilder
Comment from : vtownboxingfan

Hakes a Beta male
His vocabulary stinks, even the basics are peeeeefectic!
Comment from : Hakes a Beta male

KiNG VLogs
This man just looks like a clown
Comment from : KiNG VLogs

Blessing Mupind
Much love from africa
Comment from : Blessing Mupind

Marco Dominguez
I’m tired of these people who don’t understand what pound for pound means. It originated as a way to compare Ray Robinson to Joe Louis, so it makes no sense for a heavyweight be at the top of it. The worst use of pound for pound rankings is in MMA where elite flyweight fighters like CCC DJ or Joe B are routinely ranked lower than heavyweight or light heavyweight fighters.
Comment from : Marco Dominguez

Juan Martinez
Horrible boxing skills, outstanding one punch power
Comment from : Juan Martinez

stephen means jr
Why is he dressed like Captain Crunch?
Comment from : stephen means jr

Tyson Fury will end Wilders dominance come April ... full stop
Comment from : JOHNNYCRAIG

Willy Wonka
Consistively wtf that word does not exist bro uneducated fool been hit to many times in the head
Comment from : Willy Wonka

James Zell
Looking like gadaffi
Comment from : James Zell

Willy Wonka
"What I does"
haha another dumb fighter

Comment from : Willy Wonka

Simeon GODART Triggs
Well said&done Champ!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪
Comment from : Simeon GODART Triggs

Willie Woodard,Jr.
Black holy Roman Empire that's who he looks like
Comment from : Willie Woodard,Jr.

jihad 337
If he hit u. Yo momma gon feel it. And she way in another state! Lol
Comment from : jihad 337

Ethan Arreguin
Damn that girl on left is hella fine
Comment from : Ethan Arreguin

Guy Williams
Hahahahaha... looking like Cap'n Crunch... what a jackass!
Comment from : Guy Williams

Sulaiman Samandar
He sounds like those head shots got to him that night, he usually doesn't sound like this
Comment from : Sulaiman Samandar

lionel keks

Ever heard of ANTHONY JOSHUA?

Comment from : lionel keks

Mike Tyson not the greatest knock out puncher?
Comment from : Beaneeman67

lol this guy tries so hard to sound like an intellectual that it hurts his brain. He’s a good fighter and all that, but I think he’s just a little too big headed. He hasn’t really fought anyone like a Floyd Patterson, or a James Tony, or an Evander Holyfield. The closest one to his skill set was Tyson Fury. The rematch of that fight will tell it all
Comment from : kuntryboy407

Cody Bang
This brother is a bad bad bad man. Much much much respect.
Comment from : Cody Bang

Keifus Mathews
Great fighter you are one of the best bar none! deserves to be undisputed.
Comment from : Keifus Mathews

So suddenly in the 7th Ortiz 4got the game plan?? c'mon folks, anyone who thinks that any other result than a Wilder win wasn't signed off on b4 throwing hands needs to wake the F Up.
Risk what f'n risk ppl?? U think Ortiz wouldn't want his family set up 4 the rest of their lives? But even tho there's far too much money to b made in the Fury fight, the ppl/media will eat this shit up every MF'n time.

Comment from : M B

myron alston
Harder puncher then Tyson.. 🤔
Comment from : myron alston

Tony Brooks
This is what I wanted to see to get me on board. I want to see him get better and have more patience to deliver his game plan. The heavyweight division is prime for him to reign over everyone else because the opposition is not vast or great. He’s not facing top level fighters and it’s not his fault. It’s just the era that he’s in.
Comment from : Tony Brooks

boxer ring
Damn he talk to much
Comment from : boxer ring


Nathan Thomas
Comment from : Nathan Thomas

If he boxes like that agianst fury it will be easy for fury
Comment from : MegaMoney786

Bob Cummings
He needs to be beaten by someone!
Comment from : Bob Cummings

Alwyn Louis
Its either he has bad diction or Ortiz landed some hard blows to his head. He made some new words in the English language . Great fighter though .
Comment from : Alwyn Louis

William Mcphee
Shite apart from one punch. Fury stops him this time. And what a terrible jacket!
Comment from : William Mcphee

So impressive in interview. What a Southern gentleman !
Comment from : boum62

kevin lar
Good win champion! please fight a top quality heavy weight next,so you get the respect you deserve.
Comment from : kevin lar

Constantin Valdor
He can't be too patient against fury or he won't land that punch 👊🏽
Comment from : Constantin Valdor

Stacy Griffin
I bet his breath stinks 😷 good fighter though
Comment from : Stacy Griffin

Mark M
Wastd time you lost to Fury lol
Comment from : Mark M

daniel bailey
Gypsy gotta watch out in FERURARY..😉
Comment from : daniel bailey

Sean Gill
The boy can barely speak but boy can he punch! consistively...
Comment from : Sean Gill

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