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Rhys E
What a difference a year makes! Rolla broke and 5000x doesn't even come close to 2019s biggest wins
Comment from : Rhys E

Hairy Ginger Scot
I don't gamble on slots anymore. My biggest was 7k. Can safely say I lost way more than that over the years. I'm very suspicious of these wins you see in these videos, they are extremely rare. Are these streamers in cohorts with these online casinos? Are they being funded from 3rd parties to sit all day and spin slots? Do the casinos actually pay out without going thought there t&c. Anyway don't be afraid to ask for help if you are spunking your wages on these online casino sites. There is only one winner in the long run & it is not you, spend your money on things that matter.
Comment from : Hairy Ginger Scot

Number one is like "...This is my biggest win ever... -.-"
Comment from : FanTazTiCxD

0:45 sounds like:

Comment from : cobberManny

Big Hass
Jesus showed up....


Comment from : Big Hass

Gosia Seekingly
Hi guys could you pls give me a sub! I will be streaming in few weeks and would love some support, many thanks in advance for everyone who helped - also Merry Christmas to everyone x
Comment from : Gosia Seekingly

Roman Gora
How were the spins so high on that dragon fire game, 50 spins as an option surely that isnt standard for that game
Comment from : Roman Gora

все победы это подкрученная хуйня, владелец казино может поменять шансы и множитель для победы.
Comment from : Sonsho

Exploit Wiz
around 18:30 i love this dude hes seems so exited
Comment from : Exploit Wiz

Other streamer : 4£
Monte : Schmutz einsatz yalla nur 50er umdrehungen

Comment from : Sweetboynotblondey

Fuck you and your fake streamers bullshit, U all get paid by the casino's and you indirectly are thiefs for making people believe they can win , Sure 1/100 wins, But u dont tell them that. Because u are thiefs
Comment from : MashTova

Yueyi Hu
Comment from : Yueyi Hu

Ticho Plays
7:35 uhm okeh
Comment from : Ticho Plays

Terence Ferreira
whats with people donating money so someone who just won thousands of dollars?
Comment from : Terence Ferreira

Mike Holman
if you read this

You will win

Comment from : Mike Holman

Divided Perceptions
Something is off with some of these reactions.
Others are ok.

Comment from : Divided Perceptions

Weedy James
Is this shit real?
Comment from : Weedy James

Matt Leach
Are these people making real money?
Comment from : Matt Leach

Lee Leej
Is this real?😅
Comment from : Lee Leej

18:21 he even got soo excited that his sub/follow notice got excited aswell
Comment from : MrJengaa

2019 version PRODIGYDDK won 90k on bitcasino monoply
Comment from : KJ4LIFE

show us biggest lose money of 2018 =)
Comment from : kiwiterran1

Ismail Dalle
Roses are red , violets are blue , this is fake, so untrue
they all are streamers, as just has been told , the sales they are seeking with souls being sold

Comment from : Ismail Dalle

Norman Simmons
It's always cool to watch big casino wins.
Comment from : Norman Simmons

Acani 60fps
one gy got 80k
Comment from : Acani 60fps

xd memes
1:00 hopefully he got good insulation in his daughters room 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : xd memes

u know place 2 won the most money ?
Comment from : WeWillWin

Gore Howl
all fake money
Comment from : Gore Howl

Number 4 I know this site is not für Real money. You can Download on you phone Merkur 24 is the name. 8 think all of this slots is not for Real money so dislike
Comment from : Ostna

On twitch Montanablack88 and knossi thats the biggest winners i think
Comment from : Jul_R6

Monte: “ 28 500€ 28 500 €
Comment from : Jul_R6

Ryan Cooper
7:46 Polnareff seeing Dio’s stand.
Comment from : Ryan Cooper

George Ireko
Are these real money??
Comment from : George Ireko

Nico Ivancic
The first one is the devil omg , look at this at both sides skull heads a 666 in the middle and everywhere 9's (6) on both sides :D
Comment from : Nico Ivancic

Burgess Liu
When I play once with 10€ and got 10 bonus game, and I was so excited in the bathroom, cuz this was my last 10 in the balance and finally got 0 from bonus game. Real experience...
Comment from : Burgess Liu

woaaaahhhh nice !
Comment from : LeiterbrosPlayz

lee vine
how is 10 grand 2 when 130 sek is 4 thats 40 grand and 50 grand is 5? sombody needs maths lessons
Comment from : lee vine

Janne Kari
Miten täl läskillä aina osuu...
Comment from : Janne Kari

Jeff Jeff
All I want to win is £100.. and they win this.. fuck off
Comment from : Jeff Jeff

we lose because of those bastards
Comment from : ALTAN ÇOKAY

It says 666 btw
Comment from : Thong

truth teller
Why is it only pro streamers affiliated to casinos get these monstrous wins.. Ive been gambling over 20 years and im lucky to win a few hundred.. Fucking big set up
Comment from : truth teller

willard peck
fakest ever reactions if you win like these affiliated wank stains,you could gamble for a living they get wins that you dream of then pricks who watch them say yeah but they wager this much fuck off so does everyone just so happens they get the main symbol on a megaways or top symbol on book of dead x5
Comment from : willard peck

Caballeros del Temple
They can buy now a good coffee
Comment from : Caballeros del Temple

F Flinkan
Pussies betting so slow and so happy about the wins. U call those big wins? Lol.
Comment from : F Flinkan

Leonardo Da Vinchi
At the 100k bonanza win i almost could hear the scream even though he doesnt have mic
Comment from : Leonardo Da Vinchi

The ReaL
2019 top 10 all DOA2 xD
Comment from : The ReaL

World of memes
Is they winning a really money
Comment from : World of memes

Toxic Cxrtz
Wait is this real money or virtual money I never understood
Comment from : Toxic Cxrtz

What's that music that plays if u win something?
Comment from : Xgreg

twentytwenty one
1000 idiots lose, 1 idiot win...
Yeah, congratulations i guess

Comment from : twentytwenty one

Alexander Radosavljevic
Haha only streamers win course sponsor haha big trap its this and fake
Comment from : Alexander Radosavljevic

Si vede che il ciccione che ha vinto 21 mila euro non stava giocando soldi veri. Visto che non aveva neanche un emozione . Magari se avesse un posto di pasta sarebbe più felice 😃
Comment from : florin

Anonymous Finland
Thats all Wins is Fakes 😑
Comment from : Anonymous Finland

Fernando Alvarez
They should check Chris higgings
Comment from : Fernando Alvarez

Lisa Cassidy
wheres davoslots at???
Comment from : Lisa Cassidy


Ferencvaros-HUN Jobbik
Ever wondered why live streamers win so much? Because its the best way of advertisement by those gambling companies.
Comment from : Ferencvaros-HUN Jobbik

Vectro 74
23:17 10,6 SEK = 1€
Comment from : Vectro 74

What is with montanablack
Comment from : ThisIsNeptuneZ

Wim Hamhuis
hello youtube :) have fun you all you casino ground too <3
Comment from : Wim Hamhuis


Donnas Welt dr
no real
Comment from : Donnas Welt dr

David Munir
Comment from : David Munir

Comment from : Jordan

I won £50,750 on slots
Comment from : pizzaDhut

azaz z
what websites are these people playing these games on?
Comment from : azaz z

nr 4 is in SEK that was like 11.000 euro.
Comment from : Exozen.Tv

fuk sakura
Well, that's funny i need to have 500€ x7 for study and this guy just won 90k€ xD maybe i should play and lost rest of my money? XD
Comment from : fuk sakura

Tristan Murray
Bro is the money even real?
Comment from : Tristan Murray

andres azcarate
quiero jugar 88 fortunes
Comment from : andres azcarate

bubu mic
WTF? are they playing for real money because nr 3 got RICH !!!??
Comment from : bubu mic

Kelowna Videos
It's so obvious many of these guys are playing with free money from the Casino as some sort of advertising deal.
Comment from : Kelowna Videos

Kiren Uchiha
Another clickbait video
Comment from : Kiren Uchiha

Silvestre Neto
Comment from : Silvestre Neto

entrepreneur tips
There is no secret in winning slots! It will never give you more money than it has inside! I win today 306 pounds for less then 2 hours on roulette with 1 pound bet. I made a video of my strategy. Look for the video on my channel ;-)
Comment from : entrepreneur tips

how he is promoting his affiliate link ....
Comment from : jepex

wtf i wish i was that lucky
Comment from : YOUR BOSS

Sebastien Poulai
Juste des acteurs qui sont payer pour faire de la pub....
Comment from : Sebastien Poulai

Subway Series
Can you play slots like these in the United States?
Comment from : Subway Series

How's about 10 biggest most annoying wankers. WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK. Know what I mean?
Comment from : chaddy1969

Marc Johnson
Most of these are just fake. Paid by the sites
Comment from : Marc Johnson

Ron Mazrekaj
Fake shit! They all play on sunmaker with fake money and even stream that crap. How sad is that.
Comment from : Ron Mazrekaj

Video number 5 was muuuuuuuuuuch higher than number 4 ever was!
Comment from : FuXed

damn that casinogrounds guy has to be so freaking rich

Narttu84 S u c k s
Comment from : Petozzi

The human Worlds insanlar alemi
Full fake wins
Comment from : The human Worlds insanlar alemi

They will invest their wins anyway back...............poor guys....
Comment from : prussianblue14

DC_Doubleyou Australia
Where the fuck is Davo slots/ The Captain Davo??
Comment from : DC_Doubleyou Australia

yaky yaky
What web they play casino??
Comment from : yaky yaky

You obviously haven’t seen Dave slots. Won $100k and $60k twice
Comment from : positiveupside11

Dylan edwards
Number 5 cracks me up that’s how you react to big wins unlike the last guy with no excitement acting like he’s to good for what he won
Comment from : Dylan edwards

wendy liew
come try and try ur luck. wechat:wendy_sk888
Comment from : wendy liew

Fanil Khusainov
Все мы понимаем, что это хуйня проплаченная) особенно последний, эмоций - 0, хорошая реклама лохотронов))
Comment from : Fanil Khusainov

Donald Keyes
shits rigged
Comment from : Donald Keyes

NJ Slot Guy
nice good stuff!!!
Comment from : NJ Slot Guy

Ozakii hudson
the majority is probably being paid by the site to play and fake to win so that people go play it and lose their money xd
Comment from : Ozakii hudson

Space Vortex
I have played over 15 years and never had these kinds of wins
Comment from : Space Vortex

when you win 32k but you can yell because you are still living in your moms basement
Comment from : Burden82

What about bonanza x14000 win?
Comment from : sevencolours

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