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Tina Parrish
I love coin pushers ♥️
Comment from : Tina Parrish

The wave is created only on machines that don't allow quarters to be stacked meaning the glass where the quarters go in is only high enough to allow them to pass one at a time none stacked. So you would put let's say 5 in and 2 landed in one spot and 2 landed in the other you would get a second wave in that situation. If the glass is high like the one in this video you're only wasting quarters that stack when put into the machine
Comment from : JOZEFWORD1

Piestingtaler Schatzsucher
cool big nice game to real money
Comment from : Piestingtaler Schatzsucher

Mike Dennington
she talks a LOT
Comment from : Mike Dennington

rolando mota
U suck girl
Comment from : rolando mota

Matt Roberts
She still sucks. She'll learn eventually
Comment from : Matt Roberts

flowersandcandy flowersandcandy
I think you should have quit with your $8.00
Comment from : flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

its a scam the more money you put in more it gets stuck and heavy
Comment from : Ad

Megan Garza
You would get more out of your plays if you stopped stacking the quarters during skill stop!
Comment from : Megan Garza

Free Game isn’t game at all Peer
Oh and nobody has bills in the coin pusher like my coin pushers a measly $20 I work with 50’s and hundos
Comment from : Free Game isn’t game at all Peer

Free Game isn’t game at all Peer
I stand by my claim that I have the best coin pusher videos on YouTube hands down
Comment from : Free Game isn’t game at all Peer

World Rage Report
Dont you mean Michigan Roll Loosers
Comment from : World Rage Report

Antonio Puente
Ur putting to many coins in they r stacking on top ur losing by doing that
Comment from : Antonio Puente

Ryan Rose
Loved the video thanks
Comment from : Ryan Rose

Gabrielle Mueske
Quit stacking them!
Comment from : Gabrielle Mueske

Gabrielle Mueske
H8t the corners!
Comment from : Gabrielle Mueske

Bill Katehis
she kept saying nice like she did something. all she did was put quarter on top of quarter jeez
Comment from : Bill Katehis

Evan Morgan
You stack more than you put in
Comment from : Evan Morgan

Chuck Fletcher
That was painful. The last two summed it up.
Comment from : Chuck Fletcher

Shawn Gannaway
I won a 10 dollar bill on a coin pusher....
best day of my life

Comment from : Shawn Gannaway

omar melendez
joshua bartley can give you some tips
Comment from : omar melendez

omar melendez
she talks a big game like a pro but suck at it
Comment from : omar melendez

Nigel De Vries
yea its fcking ridicoulous
Comment from : Nigel De Vries

Dylan Morgan
I just bought this same coin pusher from coinop toys in waterford Michigan! nice! Can't wait to find a place to put my machine! Subscribed:)
Comment from : Dylan Morgan

what am i doing with my life
Comment from : KEITH_APE

Antonio Flores
reminds me of some money hungry ass people that will do anything to make cash even if it makes them look bad.the lady probably sells Avon.Mary Kay.Tupperware and whatever else she can and trys to steal her friends customers lol.but how much time do these people spend at that machine?
Comment from : Antonio Flores

Coin drop videos are always soothing to me. Haha.
Comment from : shelfcompact

Jess D
the money would go so much further if you wouldn't put it all in a once... learn to play a coin pusher.
Comment from : Jess D

omar melendez
this bitch always talking
Comment from : omar melendez

brandon fisher
Ha ha ha!!! I loved your video guys!!!! From one low roller to another!!! No troll here!!! My favorite low rolling advice when I am down to my last buck is to find a machine at the casino that lets you control the lines and the amount bet per line and then you bring the lines down to 3 (as opposed to 20 or more) and then bring the amount per line to one cent! then you are just betting 3 cents per spin! NOW THAT WOULD MAKE A FUN VIDEO!!!! Love you guys! I just subscribed at number 1075!!!
Comment from : brandon fisher

Randy Meng
waste time
Comment from : Randy Meng

Aussie Dave
She has such a good attitude even when loosing there should be more women like her I say.
Comment from : Aussie Dave

Famous YouTuber
stupidest username ever!!!!
Comment from : Famous YouTuber

Those plastic containers r light, and just float and stick so I doubt anyone will ever get those,.sides when u leave they just get shoved away again,.probably chinese owners,.there the type to do that,.real rip offs,.
Comment from : Ace

LOL After you put 4 coins in I was thinking let it rip but you kept inserting coin after coin looool. Hope you had fun anyway! lol...
Comment from : 6string

LadyJay Gaming
Here in the UK, you can't stop the slide pushing and I think that's what people mean about a wave you have to go with the flow . when I was 18 I worked on margate kent seafront as a cashier 8 hours a day 6 days a week . and forgot how much i missed the sound of an Arcade.
Comment from : LadyJay Gaming

That machine looks so boring.
Comment from : AWE5OMEANT

Syd Neh
Dont quit your day job
Comment from : Syd Neh

Micheal Mitchell
you should of went for the right side were all the quarters were then went for the left side
Comment from : Micheal Mitchell

your replys on some of these comments are funny XD
Comment from : Sickpuppylol

Grant Lang
the overlap is real
Comment from : Grant Lang

Bruno Desousa
go buy ur kids some food instead
Comment from : Bruno Desousa

Tommyt 1738
She is so annoying
Comment from : Tommyt 1738

Teodor Stirbu
You are so stupid...
Comment from : Teodor Stirbu

asda as
This was uploaded on my 16th birthday!
Comment from : asda as

King Sutter
This girl is super annoying
Comment from : King Sutter

BaronLeMew Productions
My friend has tips on my channel you might like- jayyyson!!!!
Comment from : BaronLeMew Productions

lol half the coins you put i were wasted because you used too many
Comment from : TheENofficial

maybe make an intro or an outro for your sponsor seemed really unnatural when you said it out loud like that
Comment from : Anf

Bradley Synthpop
Where can you play ones like this?? I only see them at travelling carnivals around here..
Comment from : Bradley Synthpop

Saarland 2 China
She plays like a newbie.....all the coins are stapling...
Comment from : Saarland 2 China

I don't get your joke about the hole that needs to be filled, can you show it in an update video so we can see what you're referring to?

Comment from : Jesus

zhalela magana
you talk a lot
Comment from : zhalela magana

Largemouth Bass
8:22 Definition of irony and contrast. Life not imitasting spoken art ;] hehe
I've never seen that style of push game before i think i'd like to design one i have a new idea wonder who to talk to get a headshot of you i mean the design marketed..

Comment from : Largemouth Bass

Gregory Hamlet
That's not bad, the house got $20 in 12mins and it only costs them $20 to run the machine for a week. Lol
Comment from : Gregory Hamlet

That was about as exciting as watching paint dry.
Comment from : Peter AUSTIN

Eric Shoff
Have you ever thought of buying one of those quarter pusher machines and putting it somewhere? You could probably make a lot of money ripping people off out of there quarters LOL
Comment from : Eric Shoff

Eric Shoff
I noticed when you're dropping them in several at a time a lot of the time several of them end up stacking up and being useless. Maybe drop them in smaller waves?
Comment from : Eric Shoff

Matthew McMillian
Awesome video guys...sorry you didnt get a big prize but love watching these and love playing them myself at times...thank you very much for sharing...subscribed and looking forward to more in future
Comment from : Matthew McMillian

TriP TriP
HEY us trolls love picking on people :-Psmall question, have you guys ever bothered to check your quarters you receive ?I swear I heard an off beat clank of a quarter that was 90% silver, as a coin collector I notice the oddball sounds but that could have even been weird clunking and sound problems. (silver quarters as scrap are worth $2, if decent condition and dependent on quarter ALOT more)
Comment from : TriP TriP

I love them too!
Comment from : ScratchTicketsHere

I love watching these. Thanks
Comment from : M F

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