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Mike Fandango
I Remember, John had a bad year at the TT in 2014. I went to the 2015 TT and noticed the press and a lot of people had written John off. I actually watched him as he put gloves and helmet on, for the senior. He looked a little nervous as they all do but you could see he wasn’t trying to look the part, he just looked so focused determined and actually stood out I thought....... and he did!
Comment from : Mike Fandango

Ford Driver
Great insight into what is surely one of the most challenging things a human can do. As Cam Donald says, road racing is like free climbing. One slip & the outcome can be really bad or worse.
Comment from : Ford Driver

Garry gill
True legend, kind hearted, nothing left to prove.
Comment from : Garry gill

John is a hero to me,not only bc of what a brilliant rider he is,but more because he is an humble man..He never brags,loves his family,doesn't go nuts over diet and exercise..He rides with God given talent, and all the others have to diet and excercise in order to keep up with JM...being a rider/mild racer,I understand what talent and history riding it takes to do this at the TT..I think God keeps him safe bc he is a good man,again,,very humble and grateful...we all love you JM...rubber side down and spank these young guys asses!!! Keep eating sausage,keep sleeping in,keep have a beer, and KEEP RUNNING LIKE HELL BROTHER!!!!!!!!
Comment from : BAMA BOY SMITH

Lee Price
It's so hard to reckon how a man so down to earth , is so incredible on a bike at the tt .
Comment from : Lee Price

Lee Price
Doubt I could do John justice with words , but it has to be said . They don't make many women like John's wife that's for sure . Couldnt be happier for him . John mcguinnes .. what a guy . Gods love and power to him , good on you John. You've nout to prove my man .. Nothing !!
Comment from : Lee Price

Lee Price
The more videos I watch of this guy , the more I realise legend dosent do him justice .
Comment from : Lee Price

Horst Guenther
Glemseck 101 shirt 👍🏻 Grüße aus Deutschland 🇩🇪
Comment from : Horst Guenther

Roberto Alvarez
Grande de los grandeeee
Comment from : Roberto Alvarez

Motorcycle to golf course😂😂😂😂best joke of decade
Comment from : FLATOUT #46

What a legend ... a very humble guy in love with motorcycles ... hope to see you in person racing one day
Cheers mate 👏👏👏

Comment from : Ricardo

DATSUN59 - R1250RS
come back home John ! come back Honda ! they have a new CBR 1000 RR-R which can win again
Comment from : DATSUN59 - R1250RS

Prince Sirohi
What is that shoe like thing john is wearing inside riding boots?
Comment from : Prince Sirohi

He’s already a hero 👍 so there’s nothing more to prove to us 💪🥇😉 just ride fast stay safe be forever awesome 😎👏👏👏👏
Comment from : Metaldogrides

Deniz Cildam
when you hear him talk about bikes, and see him near the paddock and looking over the bikes. just let them man live, if he wants to ride, he will ride. Nothing useless more than sheer anxious people to tell him what to do. it aint about proving anything... its about riding, the smell, the feel of rushing wind and roaring engines.... let the man be.
Comment from : Deniz Cildam

franklin wilkerson
When he was suiting up he made the statement about adjusting his “ball bag” I was waiting for the fork lift to roll in and assist. What a legend!!
Comment from : franklin wilkerson

Michael Kastner
Has to be the greatest feeling in the world knowing you wont get a speeding ticket!!!
Comment from : Michael Kastner

Expat Biker
Top man! Balls of steel
Comment from : Expat Biker

Strange Fruit
16:06 - Cute or what ? . . . . .although technically incorrect, as I'm informed that I'm the best 'Daddy ever' (even though I'm a third of his speed) - but i do have a GIANT tea cup, and a comedy card each year to confirm it . . . . so it MUST be true
Comment from : Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit
I love how John gets mixed up & confused between Commando/Commander
I noticed it in other vid's too - come on John, at least know what product your sponsors make - especially as they gave you a limited edition 961 commando too !

Comment from : Strange Fruit

Alan O'Rourke
I Just realised, thanks to John, that I've been putting my supertech boots on wrong!
Comment from : Alan O'Rourke

He may never truly realize it but he is a legend of our time, the other legends are his family
Comment from : LoLznTroLz

Ford Driver
Love John McGuinness @12:16 Seriously though. MotoGP or Irish Road Racing? There is no comparison but look which one gets the spoils? In my book, that's just not right.
Comment from : Ford Driver

Ford Driver
There is a lot of love for this man from all corners of the world. Recently, another great rider, The Flying Kiwi, Bruce Anstey returned to the Classic TT riding for Clive Padgett on a 250 in the lightweight class. Bruce has recovered from his second bout of cancer and for him to get back to the Isle, and not only race but win as well. All the very best to both Bruce and John, both very talented men with out ego's.
Comment from : Ford Driver

Brad Clem
U need to retire John u have nothing to prove, you r the best that ever lived on the TT, Y risk your life and leaving your wife and kids alone. I know it’s not the same as competing but do something else n the bike world.u don’t have to give it completely up.Good Luck Legend 🏍and try to stay safe.
Comment from : Brad Clem

Totally respect FROM BRAZIL!!! King John!!!
Comment from : ChestOfNaza

best daddy ever :) Same for us!
Comment from : ccaalluuss

betty swollocks
Such a nice humble guy, stay safe John boy
Comment from : betty swollocks

Ryan Utz
I want that fucking watch!!
Comment from : Ryan Utz

Джон Маклей
Старенький стал Джон 😉😎
Comment from : Джон Маклей

Bone Head
True gent, nothing to prove, a great ambassador for the sport just like Joey Dunlop, understated but brilliant.
Comment from : Bone Head

Motorsports F1 MotoGP
You have nothing else to prove man just retire you’re already a legend
Comment from : Motorsports F1 MotoGP

VAishakh Av
seeing a real legend suit up. is a great feeling.keep on going may the angels be with you
Comment from : VAishakh Av

Comment from : キャシィ塚本四万十川料理学園

Darren Parkinson
Give it away. You have nothing to prove. It's not worth it.
Comment from : Darren Parkinson

Dave Diamond
Amazing guy. Well done doc that highlights the accomplishments of a true pro.
Comment from : Dave Diamond

S Lit
I started Riding at 12...66 now and Riding a 07 Street Glide with 62 Thousand on it.....Just the thought of Stoping to PLAY GOLF JUST KILLS ME IT EVEN GIVES ME GAS...... I'VE had 5 Joints replaced and the rest will be Fused or Replaced at some Point from FUCKING PREDNISONE DUE TO CROHN'S DISEASE.........KEEP GOING JOHN WE NEED YOU......2019 at a track I ran into DICK MANN, I DIDN'T see him Riding but he was still at the Track and that made my DAY.....DICK MANN has nothing to prove like John but their still out there.
Comment from : S Lit

Damn! Today I thought of myself John has to be the greatest road racer based on his results and he doesnt fall much (which I'm happy for every races when they don't) then I crossed to this video! How come I never knew he had accident! Wish you fast recovery legend ... hope to see you soon live
Comment from : labinott

Michael Steven
Let it go John..
Comment from : Michael Steven

No offence, but he should pay a visit to a dentist...
Comment from : Spazik86

vee dee
1:52 #bridgehamptonraceway
Comment from : vee dee

Ayjigit Aytmatov
Ты красавчик!!!
Comment from : Ayjigit Aytmatov

pig willnot
JOHN could probably do 18 rounds at ST ANDREWS in under 17 minutes !!!!!
Comment from : pig willnot

pig willnot
EVRYBODYS HERO !!!! (even MARC and VALENTINO !!!!!!!!!! )
Comment from : pig willnot

why didnt he pull in the clutch or hit the kill switch?
Comment from : oscar6418

Mickey Finn
Great vid. Shite electric bikes are the future and saving the planet but as for racing, they sound like shit! I won't be a follower of this. Racing is dead for me now. Say it ain't so Joey!
Comment from : Mickey Finn

Timmy Gasman
You better stay alive you old bugger and that's from a golfer.
Comment from : Timmy Gasman

jess Scifres
Dame it John please don't race bikes go drive some rally car for a bit or something be safe
Comment from : jess Scifres

Rasmus Sørensen
A god blessed legend 🙏
Comment from : Rasmus Sørensen

No pressure on John now at all and he should ride that way to, if the bike is good enough he will win - if its not, dont try to win by pushing the envelope on it! Its nice to see him at a british team that is ultimately a development team, they couldnt really wish for a better individual to help them develop and bring them along!
Comment from : iamneallyons

John Conner
15:08-15:20 or so Everyone yelling......
Mc pint awe shes probably got her tits out lol
Best comment

Comment from : John Conner

Kevin Johnson
After he said he landed in a golf coarse and broke his L1 2 3 4 … I thought he was going to say and a hole in one. such a skilled rider of the roads, how can you not like and respect this wonderful man.
Comment from : Kevin Johnson

Mrgravy 21
awesome 😎
Comment from : Mrgravy 21

Absolute TT legend and a great family guy......a true gent......👍
Comment from : yensabi

Gilson Riberto
John Mc Guinness O Magnífico das Isle of Man
Brasil 2/8/19

Comment from : Gilson Riberto

Big Chief Trucker
It's becoming macabre...I've watched hundreds of TT vids...One thing is becoming clear...it's like to be a REAL legend (with a joey dunlop statue)...you have to die at the top of your game at the TT. Old guys that don't know when to quit. Young guys trying to be them. People involved can't see it...they are too close!

Saw hickman had 666 on the front of his bike, talking about LUCK and how his is going to change?...
Living life to the full, by cheating death....When in reality your cheating life, by living death to the full.!

The wives and girl friends of the dead and living..chanting...do what thou wilt!.... husband/boyfriend......
sounds like the occult mantra.....Philosophy of the devil. Thrill, wealth, fame junkies, and their muses at their worse.

Comment from : Big Chief Trucker

Jamie Procter
This man lives less than 15 mins from my house.. and unless you knew that he lived there, You would never, ever know! Such a humble, understated man.
Comment from : Jamie Procter

Tony Gee
MY Legend
Comment from : Tony Gee

Phil Rudd
Well done John , you are a worthy champion.
Comment from : Phil Rudd

Dave Marshall
Comment from : Dave Marshall

Carlos RM
I was there, I was on the 5 races on one day...
Comment from : Carlos RM

It must be a fucking indescribable tension...
Comment from : Bear

Great Video. No slow mo of people scratching their noses etc and no horrible loud music.. so we can hear the people talk and Bikes !. Just old School Video More Like this please
Comment from : yds250

Lfig Lfig
To date 17/7/19.......47 arsehole golfers dislike this vid of a legend & gentleman........great vid thanks....
Comment from : Lfig Lfig

Chris Hill
John you are one of my true heros! You rock!
Comment from : Chris Hill

Aditia Nugraha
John mc guinness
Honda sport racing.
#lsle of man TT

Comment from : Aditia Nugraha

ray walsh
swap the watch for another rolls royce
Comment from : ray walsh

Once he does less top racing I hope does something where we can hear him talk a lot. I can listen to him all day, his book was such an entertaining read. As a biker recovering from an accident myself I find him an inspiration truly.
Comment from : jimmypinch

Matt Mad
Welcome Back John good to see you fit and walkin again! Stay healthy :D
Comment from : Matt Mad

T Iversen
17:40 Surprised he didn't put on a separate back protector...Thought that kind of stuff would be mandatory for these guys.
Comment from : T Iversen

Everyone say he doesn’t have to prove anything more. I think he returned actually to prove something but not for us this time, he will do it for himself.
Comment from : Tim

The Wippit
Absolute legend John.. my fav TT rider followed him for years nothing to prove just doing it for the love it’s in his blood passion.. plus my gaffer sponsors him too👌 would like to see him build a bike with Micheal.. just think the norton just not far enough forward yet to be top 3
Comment from : The Wippit

โอมโอม story
:) :) :) enjoy and happy for you too. :) :)
Comment from : โอมโอม story

Bert Longbottom
25:14 Every race his wife puts a coin in his leathers for good luck. The dedication and love for motorbikes in unlike any other!
Comment from : Bert Longbottom

Derek Bond
What a great insight to the daily workings of JM, the banter with Mr Honda is priceless, what a memory to have.
Comment from : Derek Bond

Derek Bond
What a great insight to the daily workings of JM, the banter with Mr Honda is priceless, what a memory to have.
Comment from : Derek Bond

when was this Video uploaded?
Comment from : koyote1

Marcel Darroch-Davies
Time to put your feet up! Great video, liked the fact you avoided the temptation for narration and music.
Comment from : Marcel Darroch-Davies

sandro martig
Eine Legende..👍
Comment from : sandro martig

Georgia Boy
Dude this could’ve been great but where was him racing?? 🙄🙄
Comment from : Georgia Boy

Steven Fortier
What an awesome wife McGuinness has. I
Comment from : Steven Fortier

seize 16
Respect 👍🤘
Comment from : seize 16

Dj Hughes
What a great Guy!!!!
Comment from : Dj Hughes

Tristan Orr
I had the pleasure (without knowing it) of speaking with Stuart Garner back in 2017/8? NEC at the Norton stand, I was stood drooling over the V4 RR. Such a lovely gent, really down to earth.
Comment from : Tristan Orr

Lee Ryan
I wish Johm Mc would retire, he has nothing left to prove
Comment from : Lee Ryan

Damian De
Norton: The best looking racing motorcycle!
Comment from : Damian De

Hope he gets a different deal next year not on that Norton. All the best 👍
Comment from : ukhhSKANK

It's weird to see videos of people trying to kill themselves but are unable to. This race is only for the lowest of IQ people who call stupid as brave. Some get their wish and hit a brick wall, the rest have to come back and try to do it all again.
Comment from : reelkena

He looks more like a golfer than a road racer.
Comment from : Ezra

Murt Walsh
You are a legend. Don't ever underestimate how much we all love you!
Comment from : Murt Walsh

Lightning McQueen
Oh man those Norton's give me a Chubby! 😋 sexy, sexy machines!!!!!!
Comment from : Lightning McQueen

Mp Mp
Fantastic looking machine that Norton. These road racers, amazing people, come off get smashed to bits, recover then road racing again. Incredible. Mc pint what a record.
Comment from : Mp Mp

23:40... I cried.
Comment from : Screamifyoumeanit

Plenty of little boys get to live their dreams that is how little boys grew up tobe big boys and invent GPS, sattelites, cars, antibiotics, internet, fiberoptics, lasers, modern heating and plumbing...toilets...the fat lady made the dumbest comment ever.
Comment from : fitnesspoint2006

Lewis Sabin
Thank you Sir John for all what you have done. I also would like to thank your wife. Message to the royal family PLEASE KNIGHT SIR JOHN
Comment from : Lewis Sabin

Mr. ClutchFace
Ahhhhwww Sh!t 0:53 "Electrical ECU Failure - Bike accelerated on it's own" ??? Just had my ECU Flashed, now I'm gonna be riding around with that sh!t in the back of my mind... THANKS JOHN!
Comment from : Mr. ClutchFace

True legend!
Comment from : Goldgrain

Chris Martin
So bizarre and strange seeing such and old guy racing superbike...
Comment from : Chris Martin

I'd love John Mc to walk away from it now. The world is a better place with John Mc in it.
Comment from : sledger2003

Good to see you back🤙
Wish you the best John🏁🏆
Enjoy the bike life and ride safe

Comment from : AeroR

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