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a k
Nice and sweaty 😂😂
Comment from : a k

4:59 - 5:04 is the best moment.
Comment from : Eghonghondebefe

Pat McTallica
Where ist the surprise here???
Wo ist die Überraschung??

Comment from : Pat McTallica

Gabe B
Klopp is the GOAT.
Comment from : Gabe B

Farid Musbah
Gotta love the gaffer
Comment from : Farid Musbah

Jurgen is the man.
Comment from : UNCLE ALBERT IS A RED

Alan Dunn
Mcateer just hang on lol klopp or just play English football lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Alan Dunn

Ace Dragon
meanwhile, Pep goes and manages a sunday league team that's just won a treble
Comment from : Ace Dragon

Fandi Ahmad Barady
I like this series
Comment from : Fandi Ahmad Barady

Клопп лучший тренер в мире
Comment from : 76gruzin

Jürgen, coach them penalty hahahahaha
Comment from : DS8

navn navn
This is the reason im a red!
Comment from : navn navn

Kick Nay
Im a toffee, and this is brilliant!
Comment from : Kick Nay

afro symphony
Am a united fan but i love this channel!
Comment from : afro symphony

Mcleshney Mcchicken
Comment from : Mcleshney Mcchicken

Kopf Nick
Hans Sarpei gefällt das
Comment from : Kopf Nick

There is a german TV Show that has the same concept its called : "Hans Sarpei: Das T steht für Coach"
Comment from : CAVEMIN BRA

Pseudo Nym
I never watched a press conference until this man came to Dortmund. I hope all of the LFC Fans have this much fun I had watching him. And since he went to Liverpool I am watching the Premier League. Good luck for the Championship. I would like to celebrate two championships this year. Heja BVB
Comment from : Pseudo Nym

5:04 he sounds like Maximus from the movie Gladiator 😮 but that laughter at 5:00 😂
Comment from : TheSunMoon

What a Man ... Love him!
Comment from : Joergchen

Divided By Opinion
Such a humble guy. You can’t help but love him and his charisma!
Comment from : Divided By Opinion

Alex D
He’s just got that charisma .... really fantastic to watch him interact.
Comment from : Alex D

TejaY TJ
Those two Everton fans surprised me! what an idiots. world class manager comes to see you and you keeps distance because it's some kind of a betrayal. I'd be happy if Everton managers comes to see me and gives some tips.
Comment from : TejaY TJ

What a beautiful jolly man
Comment from : Frederatormusic

James Wiggins
I love how this is an actual show lol
Comment from : James Wiggins

2:18 Klopp´s help is needed even more at Liobians Reserves.
Comment from : klinsmeier

Klopp is just a mans man.
Comment from : Theak47forall

Omelet Names
Klopp for Kop
Comment from : Omelet Names

If this was done more seriously rather than for laughs it would be interesting, always wanted to see how professional training and preparation could affect performances at a lower amateur level. It's sort of bollocks as it is though.
Comment from : Sensibility

The good thing about Klopp hes thrown himself in to life at Liverpool. Couldn't imagine Mouriniho leaving the Lowry to lower himself to visit a local team. Perhaps thats why hes gone he never really wanted to be at Man U.
Comment from : ancietman

08 16
15 Years ago in Germany we had a TV-event called "Helden der Kreisklasse" (Heroes of the very bottom league) with a former topstar of the Bundesliga, Manfred "Manni" Burgsmüller, who coached them for two saisons. Lot's of stars came along, it was like a daily soap, especially in the beginning it was great fun.
Comment from : 08 16

Lesbian Reserves aren't up to much are they?!?! Wanna change that goalkeeper for starters -15 after 3 games!! LOL
Comment from : Breen600

Ted White
Jurgen at 5:00 😂
Comment from : Ted White

Ashutosh Patra
His laugh is so infectious.... It just triggers u off😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Ashutosh Patra

shsh8879 h
Liverpool do many funny but genuine-hearted things like this or a visit to local school, etc and that's part of the reason I love the team. Wish everyone in this video the best :)
Comment from : shsh8879 h

Matti M
bahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha 8-)
Comment from : Matti M

ihda sirojudin
Nice... it's all about fun👍😀
Comment from : ihda sirojudin

August Reds
even the 2 evertonians smiles! 😀
Comment from : August Reds

"Proper English football" Klopp taking a dig at Mourinho there
Comment from : jxvf

What a legend! (Spurs fan)
Comment from : beyond72

Aaron T
would love a pint with kloppo
Comment from : Aaron T

Aaron T
Klopp looks so cool in jeans
Comment from : Aaron T

Aaron T
left footers are the best footballers
Comment from : Aaron T

Aaron T
we clearly need to invest more in grassroots
Comment from : Aaron T

Paul Duffy
how could you not love klopp , the man is so infectious .
Comment from : Paul Duffy

Brabus_3000 Heise
0:47 min best scene ever
Comment from : Brabus_3000 Heise

I could listen to Jurgen's laugh all day long. xD
Comment from : DarkPhoenix69

georg maag
great guy
Comment from : georg maag

jama swalex ali
Propper English football
Comment from : jama swalex ali

Hajal Ali
Are you kweeckh
Comment from : Hajal Ali

Not Perfect
German man trained english men's
Comment from : Not Perfect

harry dhami
the lad looked more like klopp than klopp wen he put on his glasses lmfaoo
Comment from : harry dhami

Peter Cady
I wish I could whistle like that
Comment from : Peter Cady

Didorally Irfan
Klopp is such a charismatic leader! <3
Comment from : Didorally Irfan

Ben Smith
Mcateer doin the same joke 3 times ....
Comment from : Ben Smith

Not a liverpool fan but that's so fucking wholesome. Class act. Would love to see Newcastle do the same, Rafa showing up to South Shields or Gateshead.
Comment from : jamie

best teeth in the game
Comment from : ado.br0z

LL Cool Ray
My God I love Jürgen Klopp so much
Comment from : LL Cool Ray

Obaid Dz
2:06 😂😂😂
4:31 😂😂😂

Comment from : Obaid Dz

c Difff
jason mcateer the king of repeating jokes
Comment from : c Difff

Niggas in the streets
never cared for klopp
Comment from : Niggas in the streets

Willem van Panhuys
They have a style of play similar to Mourinhos... Think he would be up for the job?
Comment from : Willem van Panhuys

Sam Burke
thumbnails a bit of an oversight
Comment from : Sam Burke

Haytch 1320
Comment from : Haytch 1320

Marvin Nash
Nobody laughs louder over Klopp's jokes than Klopp.
Comment from : Marvin Nash

Shaun Pettigrew
Liverpool are killing it on the social media front!
Comment from : Shaun Pettigrew

I know I'm a Retard because
5:00 Santa truly exists
Comment from : I know I'm a Retard because

Illyrus Emperor
Klopps smile 😂😂😂
Comment from : Illyrus Emperor

DJ KidBoy
5:00 when Klopp realises Jose's been sacked
Comment from : DJ KidBoy

khaled haroun
Klopp again:HO HO HO HO HO

Comment from : khaled haroun

Already the best sunday league series
Comment from : YaBoiSwifty

Daniel Malone
That Hopper lad looks like Susan Boyle
Comment from : Daniel Malone

I clicked for Klopp not mcateer
Comment from : Dessienewshoes

Lachlan Smith
These guys gotta make me their Aussie recruit in goal and then we'll be winning div 3
Comment from : Lachlan Smith

Jesper Møller
Maybe invite mourinho also. He needs new friends
Comment from : Jesper Møller

Daniel Quilter
He likes to hug players instead of trophies
Comment from : Daniel Quilter

Sufyaan Fareed
The way klopp laughs🤣🤣
Comment from : Sufyaan Fareed

Eshwar Subramaniam
The guy who chooses the thumbnails should have at least thought twice before putting a German with a raised arm on. That's all I'm saying.
Comment from : Eshwar Subramaniam

4:58 didnt expect that at all!!!
Comment from : DoggyDog

Saud K
With such a brilliant manager and such talented and synchronized players I wish LFC will win both the league and the Champions. Good luck wishes from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 We're all cheering for you so make us all happy
Comment from : Saud K

Fantastic loved every minute 👏👏
Comment from : DR360WHO

Karthik Er
even i can play better than these guys (bad quality)
Comment from : Karthik Er

Sara Cook
This is really awesome to see! I loved it! :P
Comment from : Sara Cook

I'm always impressed by Klopp's capacity to give more - to anyone and everyone. What an inspiration.
Comment from : mechanima1

Wycliffe Waweru
Klopp's laughter is so infectious
Comment from : Wycliffe Waweru

Lots of laughters and spirits from the boys, love it
Comment from : DigitalVei

Toni G
What a man, hate Liverpool for ever but Klopp actually changes that he is so likeable....his busy life to drop into over 35's bottom pyramid, what a champion!!!
Comment from : Toni G

Alex Fox
Really don't like McAtear
Comment from : Alex Fox

Michael Mtakwa
were did man united live in a big shaq get it
Comment from : Michael Mtakwa

In Germany we call this the power of Kreisliga!
Comment from : simi

can chealsea win the league? what u guys think?
Comment from : BrutalTurtle

Azariq Abas
Wow. Klopp is the best manager we can have at the moment.
Comment from : Azariq Abas

Paul L
4:55 Foot like a traction engine!
Comment from : Paul L

carlos chapa
This is actually quality content. Usually the content is hit or miss but this one here is a really good idea.
Comment from : carlos chapa

Comment from : ARCHER

Mo Salah
Comment from : Mo Salah

Pattara Chokemaitree
I love this Program^^
Comment from : Pattara Chokemaitree

Bill Kat
And this is why Klopp doesn't get sacked despite lack of trophies while Mourinho keeps getting sacked despite winning them. He shows us good entertaining football, he has great relationship with players, fans and the media. Real football fans like to watch his games not feel like vomiting afterwards. And he keeps improving the squad. Players show improvement under him not degrade. After what happened in UCL final and how bad the gk was he never blame or shame him for the loss. He still fixed the problem but he never said a word against his players in public.
I will rather lose under Klopp than win under Mourinho.

Comment from : Bill Kat

Klopp got Jose Shaqed in the morning lol.
Comment from : aviator2492

Daniel Tellez
Omg yes! Keep this going!
Comment from : Daniel Tellez

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