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PL Slots
Thank for sharing Bk, new to your channel, ❤️just Subscribe you 👍👍👍
Comment from : PL Slots

Sally Gomez
Why was the camera so shaky?
Comment from : Sally Gomez

Patrick Kyker
Please people never bet 1 coin on a 5 coin max machine.
Comment from : Patrick Kyker

Videopoker kingcolumbus
what a waste of time , can I have my 12 mins back ? this guy is horrible at video poker , he cant even win playing duces wild haha
Comment from : Videopoker kingcolumbus

Ultimate X is so swingy. Love it or hate it. There is no middle ground.
Comment from : Oheeeoh

Minn Steve
Nice video B.K. I was dealt 3deuces AK clubs no dang multipliers so kept 3 deuces hit one quad ....like your videos forsure
Comment from : Minn Steve

Eric Robbins
You don’t hold 3 of a suit in DDB. It’s really amazing how people play improperly.
Comment from : Eric Robbins

Desmond Castro
Nice conclusion, brah !- Until I see a sign reading "No video recording allowed" I'm gonna vlog my gaming !
Comment from : Desmond Castro

Ingrid Matthews
Why is Ultimate X so hypnotic? I love it. And those near flushes. You cant live with them and you cant kick the machine when they let you down.🤣🤣 Great vid thanks for it.
Comment from : Ingrid Matthews

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